Heldric 1.1 Update – Arachnophobics beware

So you asked for it, more monsters and variety. The latest update to Heldric 1.1 has a new terror that crawled out of the ground, spiders!




These eight legged, icky crawlers are out to ruin your day with a few special tricks. First, are the slower big tank-like spiders with high hit points and damage.  But don’t think you’ll have an easy escape as they shoot out spider webs to trap their next meal.  Next are the more toxic brethren that spit poison from long distance. And then there are the skinny and fast ones. These foes will leap across the map pouncing on any prey in range.  All the while bypassing any strategic traps you might have placed in its way.



Heldric also got rid of the cat holding his tongue by adding additional voices such as taking damage, death screams and several others. And have you ever built an obelisk and wondered what kind of range it had? Now you can see all the structures with their area of effect just by hovering your cursor over them in build mode.




You now have a reason to build lamps and wells. During the day, wells will add additional courage to all villagers around it. But at night, you’ll need to build area lamps or campfires to help keep courage up. Villagers now have 20% less courage on night maps, so build those light sources.


Finally, the minimap radar also got some improvements by new sort order for target. Enemies now appear on top of any villagers. Villagers icons are now smaller and less distracting.


Still want more? Check out the complete change log:


Change log for Heldric 1.1-5229

  • Added spiders! Three base classes with five skins each (15 total). They appear after Mudvane
  • Added new area of effect range for all structures when in build mode
  • Added two new achievements for spiders, “Browse the web” and “Give me a shoe”
  • Added bonus courage to wells (works only during daylight)
  • Added bonus courage to lamps (works only during night)
  • Added bonus courage to campfire (works only during night)
  • Added 16 new voice audio clips to Heldric
  • Improved minimap/radar – Villagers icons smaller and enemies are now always on top
  • Improved text for upgrade window, grey is current/previous version, red you cannot afford yet
  • Fixed bug on Gundulf where existing market wasn’t activated
  • Fixed bug where animals would not attack
  • Fixed colour of text for build window when player could afford structure
  • Balance – Removed one medium and one tiny plot on Miur
  • Balance – Added an additional 2,000 coins to start income on Gundulf
  • Balance – Blood obelisk level one range reduced from 12 to 7
  • Balance – Blacksmith bonus melee damage change from 10/20/30/50 to 8/16/24/32
  • Balance – Increased player max target range from 30m to 40m


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