Frequently Asked Questions

When will the game come out?

The game will release on April 17th 2014.

Will there be multiplayer or coop?

At this time I only have single player planned.

Will there be a loot system?

The focus of the game is working together with the village to win. As such, there are no player loot to gain. By building structures you and the villagers will have access to better weapons and thus do more damage. There are some hidden pickups (arrows/coins/kegs) located around the maps.

Are there upgradable stats?

While there are skills and weapons that unlock, they are not persistent and must be unlocked on a per level basis.

How will the player progress in the game?

Each village will have different buildings and population. Different upgrades and buildings will be available based on the village map.

What platforms will you support?

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Linux are currently supported.

What are the system requirements?

  • Processor: Core 2 Duo
  • Memory: 2GB RAM
  • Video: Shader Model 3 with 512MB Video RAM *
  • Monitor: 1024×768 or greater resolution
  • Disk: 1GB Hard disk space
  • OS: WinXP, Vista, Win7 or Linux

*Note: Integrated and mobile adapters are not supported, but may work.

Will you support Mac or mobile platforms?

I currently have no plans to support these platforms.

How much will the game cost?

The current price is $8.99 USD

What platforms will it be available?

The game is currently available direct on Astral Byte website, or through Steam.

How big is your development team?

An army of one who wears many hats. 🙂



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