Heldric 1.2 Mega Update

Mega Update

Good things come to those who wait. Heldric update to 1.2.5276 is a treasure trove of new content and fixes for your enjoyment. The battlefield will never be the same with new horrific evil terrors to holy warriors.


Evil has never been so terrifying


Heldric’s world was already overrun with evil goblins, orcs, spiders and trolls. Now a new group of denizens have emerged to slaughter everyone. New goblin sorcerers have an intense fire eruption spell that will damage all allies range. He isn’t bad with a staff in melee combat either.




What could be worse than one magical monster? How about two! A new summoner is set to wreck havoc on your efforts by continuing to call forth new evil to the field. Don’t even try to take out her minions as she will just make more.




If you’re not afraid yet, you shall be at the sight of the last doom-bringer. Orc boss monsters have heavy armor and high resistances to most common damage. Add to this a huge health and high damage they will soon become your most hated creatures. Not even mighty powder kegs will or arrows will stop them. Your only hope is to lure them into magical damage done by towers.




Have some faith my son


All this evil must be met with strong countermeasures. Constructing a Monastery will enable the village to spawn a monk. Monks provide bonus healing rate to all allies in range. Even more critical, they call down holy smite AOE attacks their foes. This is an ally you don’t want to be without.




Content is great, what about the rest?


Update 1.2 not only adds new content but a slew of improvements and bug fixes. Villagers will now seek out any healing sources such as camp fires and healing shrines when they are low on health. Steam achievements and trading cards have been added.


Additionally, many of your requested features have been incorporated. Progress reset buttons have been added to the campaign map and achievements screens. A new difficulty mode “skilled” was added between normal and hard. And much more, check the change log for a complete list.


So what does it cost?


This update is 100% free. I’d like to thank all of you who have supported my efforts by giving some back. If you would like to see more than please help by spreading the word about Heldric. Post a video of your favourite maps. Give the game a review on Steam store or metacritic. And as always, you’re welcome to give me your suggestions for the future.


Change log for 1.2.5276

  • Added orc boss – Heavy armor and resistances, lots of health but slow
  • Added goblin sorcerer – Casts an Area-Of-Effect spell to fire bomb targets
  • Added summoner – Continues to summon other evils to the battlefield
  • Added structure – Monastery – Provides a Monk NPC
  • Added monk – Bonus heal rate to allies in range, casts forth smite AOE
  • Added Steam achievements
  • Added Steam trading cards
  • Added achievement progress at end of descriptions
  • Added more tips on level loading screen
  • Added difficulty mode (Skilled) – Between “Normal” and “Hard”
  • Added reset button to campaign map to reset all progress
  • Added reset button to achievements to reset all your achievements
  • Fixed music on campaign map to use player music volume
  • Fixed bug where two villagers could use the same archery tower
  • Fixed bug where town would show under attack after monsters had stopped spawning
  • Upgraded pathfinding libraries for upstream bug fixes
  • Improved starting tutorial map Bromville with better tips and objectives
  • Improved animations and made heads look at their targets
  • Improved villager AI to seek out healing sources when hurt (camp fires or healing shrines)
  • Improved animations on several animals
  • Changed HUD radar arrow to point to monsters closer to player instead of town center
  • Balance – Shadestone, change large plot to medium
  • Balance – Miur, reduced total waves from 20 to 15 because of new harder monsters
  • Balance – Damage Shrine, increased range from 5m to 6m
  • Balance – Bromville, Challenge mode reduced waves from 10 to 5
  • Balance – Foxwater, Challenge mode reduced waves from 10 to 8
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