Frequently Asked Questions

Q) When will your game come out?
A) When it’s ready. Generally I do not provide release dates or even estimates. It is my firm belief is that it’s better to fix the bugs and delay release than to publish unfinished work early.

Q) Can you add requested features?
A) I always welcome feedback and will take all suggestions under consideration.  You can either post in the forums or use the contact us.

Q) What platforms do you support?
A) My target platforms are Windows and Linux. 

Q) What Linux support do you provide?
A) I always strive to provide a Linux (32 and 64bit) release. While I cannot support all distributions, I do try and provide general Linux support.

Q) Do you support Mac?
A) I have no plans on support Mac at this time.

Q) Do you support Mobile? (Android / iPhone)
A) I have no plans to support mobile platforms at this time.

Q) I still can’t find the answer to my question.
A) Feel free to use the request support form.