Heldric 1.3 free content update

Hell is empty and all the devils are here.

Do you enjoy a vicious orc cutting down villagers where they stand? You now have a chance to see what it’s like to be the nefarious creatures playing a new bonus map. The orc camp will have you defending yourself against increasing waves of villagers. Don’t under estimate villager’s power, as each wave they increase in numbers and become better equipped with deadly weapons. Monks with their area of effect lightning spell can take out groups of your fellow denizens. Upgrade your beast portal to summon reinforcements such as goblins, spiders, trolls and even the dreaded orc boss.




Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war!

Even the toughest orcs will take pause when they face an angry wolf in their path. A new tower, the war wolf cage, will release a trained wolf that will hunt down any foes in range. These white wolves will also gain experience and can level up. Once killed however, the tower must be rebuilt.




The golden age is before us, not behind us.

This patch not only includes several new additions, but existing content also received attention. Improvements to movement controls to feel more rigid and faster response to player input. Particle effects have been added or improved on most defensive structures and rebirth shrines. Better light and occlusion maps not only improve the game look but performance. A number of balance changes make the game more challenging so be sure and check the change log for details.



Put money in thy purse.

With this third free major content comes even more good news for those of you who don’t already own Heldric. That’s right, for a limited time Heldric is 33% off!  (Oct 6th – Oct 13th) I’d like to thank all of you who have purchased the game. Please help by spreading the word about the game, leaving your review or youtube videos.

You can also grab the demo version

Windows Demo
Heldric Demo 1.3.5393 [Windows]

Linux Demo
Heldric Demo 1.3.5393 [Linux]

And get it on sale this week from Steam

Change log for Heldric 1.3.5393


* Added new bonus map, Orc Camp, play as orcs where villagers attack you
* Added new defense tower, War Wolf Cage, releases a wolf that levels up (3 max at a time)
* Added new [Hold Position] default of <left shift> useful with bow attacks
* Added new particle effects to most defensive structures and rebirth shrine
* Added new footstep sounds (grass/dirt/stone) to match terrain player is running over
* Added ideal powder keg placement locations to tutorial in Bromville
* Added objective reminder to Timberglen when player hasn’t completed first objective by wave three
* Added build limits so you can no longer build structure that do not stack. (IE markets/blacksmiths/chemist/etc)


* Improved player movement controls to respond faster and feel more rigid
* Improved movement animations speeds now better reflect velocity
* Improved upgrade window to show current building description
* Improved orc run animations
* Improved lightmaps for all maps
* Improved occlusion maps to fix occasional issue where objects would flash on/off at range
* Improved Foxwater med. plot to require 10 population to prevent use before blacksmith objective
* Improved damage text for better readability, added critical hit message when > 75% hit
* Improved victory and defeat windows, tips and message now based on reason for loss
* Improved first objective description text on Timberglen

Balance changes:

* Balance increased shrine of flames damage area from 1.5m to 3m and 3m to 5m
* Balance reduced blacksmith bonus melee damage from 8/16/24/32 to 6/8/12/16
* Balance archery towers now have a build limit of 4
* Balance increased arrow damage range from +/- 20% to 30%
* Balance increased player auto attack range from 4 to 8 when using bow
* Balance added stagger timer to prevent player/AI from getting stun locked, units with more health or shields will be staggered less often

Bug fixes:

* Fixed a bug that some animation events would be sent twice causing extra damage
* Fixed a bug where player could win challenge mode on Gundulf by going to villager prison camp
* Fixed a bug where mobs would get confused after spawning and hang out around the spawn area
* Fixed a bug that kept damage text showing when hit killed the target
* Fixed a bug where player could show build plots when dead
* Fixed a typo on Steam Bearhanded achievement

Note: 1.3.5389 had powder kegs disabled for some unknown reason, fixed in 1.3.5393



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