Heldric Spectacular Spooky Update 1.5
Here is a list of changes to the Halloween update to Heldric, build 1.5.6140


  • Added new map Hallows’ Grove where you defend pumpkin groves that power magic cauldrons that summon Ether Paladins to aid you
  • Added Halloween themes to all maps (excluding Christmas)
  • Added spooky sounds and music
  • Added Jack-o’-lantern bombs in place of Powder Kegs
  • Added Orc Beastmaster, summons demon hounds
  • Added restless souls, when villagers are killed, they can become a ghost and haunt the living until they reach a cemetery, also takes a population slot
  • Added Ether Paladin that will spawn from cemetery once enough restless souls are collected
  • Added a monster counter under wave timer to show total number of creatures attacking
  • Added over 30 new sounds effects


  • Improved performance and frame rates
  • Improved monster spawner to be more aggressive, and to use large groups when attacking
  • Improved radar, now easier to see enemies
  • Improved campaign map, moved bonus maps to left side
  • Improved effect of higher level monsters and villagers, now have stars under their feet
  • Improved buildings to have light emitting from windows
  • Improved cursor with custom image
  • Improved particle effects on many of the towers
  • Improved turn rate of AI controlled agents
  • Improved animations to better match movement and actions
  • Improved graphics by adding glow to lights and reflective objects (may be toggled in options)
  • Improved powder kegs/jack-o-lantern bombs by adding range ring
  • Improved static spire’s enemy detection
  • Removed structures from build list when it would conflict with map objectives
  • Improved many of the shaders

Balance Changes:

  • Made event maps playable independent of campaign progress
  • Slightly reduced income rate on Muir
  • Decreased damage on Flame Shrine level 1 from 50 to 40
  • Increased damage on Flame Shrine level 2 from 50 to 65

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug where player would sometimes auto-attack when trying to run away
  • Fixed bug with shadows on map Shadestone
  • Added short splash screen on start so steam was causing game window to be in background because it took too long on startup
  • Fixed normal map problem on some terrain textures
  • Fixed bug that would prevent villagers from attacking hostile animals
  • Fixed bug where voices were not using the voice slider in options
  • Fixed bug with slow shrines that would sometimes allow mobs through without effects
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