Improvents and bug fixes
It seems no matter how much bug testing you do, bugs always seem to hide in places you miss.  And seemingly simple fixes cause problem somewhere else due to a behavior that was depending on the old code.  As with all software, bugs are never good thing for anyone involved.  Heldric is no different and after launch I got some good feedback from the community.
The good news is that it gives me an opportunity to improve the game and make it better for all everyone.
As such, here is the first patch for Heldric.

Update to 1.0.5223

Change log

* Fixed bug where UI clicks would trigger if building was under button
* Fixed bug with archery towers were causing mobs to stop
* Fixed bug with pathfinding on Miur and Gundulf
* Fixed bug where tooltip would get stuck onscreen from options
* Fixed bug where some shrines would show extended range when villager dies while using
* Added click+hold mouse to run
* Added more help text in tutorial tips and objectives
* Added wave complete message with sound effect
* Added option to disable player auto-attack
* Added new keys for camera rotation Q/E by default (mouse right+drag still works)
* Added camera rotation option sliders for keyboard and mouse
* Improved keg kill camera, allowed player to skip by pressing any key
* Improved movement system, WASD movement is now relative to camera
* Improved camera smoothing
* Improved camera rotation – locked cursor on screen
* Improved the descriptions for all structures
* Changed default “select” alternative key from E to F to prevent conflict with rotate camera
* Balance – Changed powder keg damage from static 150, to random range 75 – 125
* Balance – Reduced powder keg number per population From 1 / 4 to 1 / 5

The patch is already live on Steam.  The external demos will be updated shortly.  As always, your feedback is welcome.  Thanks for the support!
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I'm a long term gamer who has been playing games since the TRS-80 days. After a few decades of working in Information Technology field, I decided to pursue my passion for games and started making them. Being a solo indie developer can be difficult at times. However, I enjoy wearing many different hats and the challenge.

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