Beware of those with experience

Beware of those with experience

Experience can be a hard teacher but can make you a powerful person. Now monsters and villagers will gain experience from each kill and level up. Each level provides a boost to max hit points, health regeneration, base damage and their coin value. The HUD now shows the level next to their name and changes color based on the threat. Once they reach level 5, monsters will glow red showing they are not to be ignored.


Hammer down

So an experienced troll doesn’t scare you? Trolls now have a very powerful area-of-effect attack that deals massive damage to everyone in range. Even the ground isn’t safe as the hit sends fiery cracks shooting out in all directions.


Rain some arrows on your foes

Are you tired of being overrun by the horde? Build a few archer towers to bolster you defense. Each tower can hold one villager using a bow. They provide increased range and bonus arrows as well as protection from melee attacks.


Feedback and votes needed

Heldric has come a very long way in a short time. But we still need your feedback to improve the game. And if you haven’t done so already, give us a vote on steam greenlight. We didn’t make our release goal of December. With your help we can hopefully get into the next batch of titles for an early 2014 release.

shadestoneTry the beta demo now

Windows Demo

Heldric demo

Linux Demo

Heldric Linux demo

Change Log Build 5121

  • Added experience levels for mobs and villagers (levels 1-6)
  • Added glow effect to level 5 and 6 mobs
  • Added massive troll AOE attack
  • Added new bow animations
  • Added new building, archer tower
  • Added new minimap icon for enemy (size and color change based on threat)
  • Added line of sight check to all NPC archer attacks
  • Added code to ensure that at least one bow is provided when fletcher is built, others have a 10% chance of receiving a bow.
  • Changed Slow shrine (level1) from 50% slow to 40% but increased range from 4m to 6m
  • Changed Slow shrine (level2) from 75% slow to 60% but increased range from 5m to 10m
  • Changed villager melee range from 1.5m to 2m
  • Changed coin cost of powder kegs from 250 to free
  • Fixed player weapon change animations
  • Fixed bug where villagers would warp to work zones
  • Fixed some conditions that would allow villagers to slide while playing idle animations
  • Fixed bug that would cause player to stop moving right after point clicked
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I'm a long term gamer who has been playing games since the TRS-80 days. After a few decades of working in Information Technology field, I decided to pursue my passion for games and started making them. Being a solo indie developer can be difficult at times. However, I enjoy wearing many different hats and the challenge.

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