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When a half second lasts all day
Cloud Strike

One of the problems of working on your own game is that if things are not perfect, then you continue…

From hell’s heart I stab at thee
Fire damage sword

Exploring the map to find items is mildly entertaining at best. It is much more fun to hack your way…

Did you hear that?

Is that a monster in your ear? It’s been just over a week and no new updates. But fear not,…

Quest journal and experience bar
Detail view of quest

When a game has a good user interface, you might not even notice it.  The converse however, is not true. …

Character and inventory windows
Using the inventory system

With the basic quests and player damage finished, I thought it best to add some character to the game.  And…

User Interface and death
Quest Complete Dialog

Sooner or later every player will have to face it… death. But before I can kill off the player without…

Details, details and more details
Same three red mushrooms with randomized style

Adding details to a game can take it from a boring repetitive place, to a vibrant exciting world to explore….

Basic quest system

So today I added a basic quest system.  It allows for the typical require X number of item Y.  I…

Early dev shots
Nara waving

I’d like to share some early development shots of an upcoming game from Astral Byte.  Details are will come at…


I’d like to welcome everyone to our new indie game development website.  Here you can follow the development progress of…