A crimson sunset adorn with blood

When you are always looking at yourself it can be easy to miss the rest of the world. A few new maps really screamed for the camera to pitch up when zoomed in close. Here we can see some freshly slain goblins helping to decorate the map with their crimson blood. Doesn’t it just make you want to stop and enjoy the moment?



These maps are just the first drafts. As with the others, they are still in alpha stage and need to be polished a fair bit.  This map makes use of different light colors and elongated shadows to help set the mood.


Make a wish on a star, or in the well for more monsters to slay.


Another new addition is the tutorial map will guild players on the basics of game mechanics.



Our Steam Greenlight listing is still going, but most of the traffic and votes have slowed to a crawl.  If you haven’t done so already, please help pass the word around so this humble shoemaker can get Valve’s attention.



I'm a long term gamer who has been playing games since the TRS-80 days. After a few decades of working in Information Technology field, I decided to pursue my passion for games and started making them. Being a solo indie developer can be difficult at times. However, I enjoy wearing many different hats and the challenge.

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