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System requirements

Please note that laptop or mobile devices are not supported. The game may run but will have lower framerate.

Network Information

The client needs the following out-bound ports open:

These are for traffic going out and should not require any special port forwarding.


Problems updating/verifying files in launcher

If you are unable to update via the launcher, try to add an exception to your firewall or anti-virus program. If you continue to experiencing problems, try it with them disabled. This is most commonly the cause when the launcher is unable to download an .EXE file.

Problem logging into your account

If you have lost of forgotten your password then you may use the account recovery page.

Unable to connect

Please make sure all the required network ports are not block for outbound traffic. Ensure your firewall is not blocking access.

Game seems laggy or slow

Ensure that your system meets the system requirements. Also note that mobile and laptops are not supported. They may work, but will suffer slower speeds than desktops.