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The story

Your journey starts as you are awaken from a long cryogentic sleep. Slowly the first feelings confusion and blurred vision begin to fade. Looking around you do not know your surroundings. A feeling of horror sets in as you realize that you don’t even know who you are or how you go there. As your other senses begin to return you notice the sounds of buzzing alarms. The musty air leaves a stale taste in your mouth. What is happening? Where am I? Who am I? You desperately look around for answers when an unusual voice echoes throughout the room’s intercom.

“Hello, can you hear me?”

It appears to be some kind of artificial intelligence... am I alone you think to yourself. You reply to this unknown AI, “yes.” It proceeds to tell of the dire situation as the space station you are on is falling apart. Many systems have failed and even more need urgent repairs. The AI guides you to repair the most critical ones such as life support. These systems seem old and run down. Why has no one kept them maintained? Having no choice, you scavenge parts from everything you can find to get life support functional.

With life support is back on-line, you begin to ask what is going on and who am I? The AI informs you that there is damage to its memory system. Data blocks have been corrupted that it cannot provide you those answers. It currently predicts that catastrophic failure of station’s systems is immanent. You must find a way to get ore make new parts.

The only hope is a damaged ship in the docking bay. It too has many broken systems and is only barely operational. Your job will be to try and locate resources that could be used to repair your systems. What you don’t know is what dangers lurk or if someone was out there willing help. Most of all though, it is the only way to find the answers to your question: "Who am I and why am I here?"