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About the game

You may read more about the game's story here. It is being developed by a solo indie dev (myself) over the last six months. There are still a lot of things that are yet to be done. Check out the roadmap for more details and progress.

The client and launcher are made in Unity3D using a custom multi-threaded networking layer. The netcode is written in raw .Net sockets using a binary protocol for higher-performance. The server is written in pure standalone C# (Mono) and runs on Debian Linux server. All data is stored in a relational database using MariaDB.

About Astral Byte

Astral Byte was founded in New Zealand by a dedicated gamer who was tired of the current trend in new games. Companies are increasingly using things like restrictive DRM, exclusive release day DLC, unfair regional pricing and missing features that were promised but never delivered. Instead, Astral Byte aspires to create games that are fun to play and not solely driven by profit margins. Additionally, to support native Linux versions whenever possible.

About the developer

I’m a long term gamer who has been playing games since the TRS-80 days. After a few decades of working in Information Technology field, I decided to pursue my passion for games and started making them. Being a solo indie developer can be difficult at times. However, I enjoy wearing many different hats and the challenge it provides. You can read more about my other games on Astral Byte.