Here is a general roadmap of features that have been planned. Of course, it’s all subject to change but should give you a good idea of the current state of the game.

Construction yard Status ETA
Save and load boats 100%
File management window 100%
Boat file directories 100%
Boat workshop (share online) 0% 0.5
Radial symmetry 100%
Mirror symmetry 0%
Clone parts (alt click) 100%
Node snapping 100%
Hull snapping 85%
Layered boat views 100%
Dynamic centre of mass 100%
Simulation Status ETA
Dynamic controls 100%
Drag (based on external parts) 75%
Boat mass (based on parts) 100%
Ballast tanks 35%
Resource consumption (batteries/fuel/etc.) 100%
Sonar (active) 75%
Acoustic noise detection 10% 0.2
Crush depth 100%
Water light absorption 80%
Collison impact damage 0%
Torpedo guidance AI 80%
Temperature effects on systems 0% 0.2
General Status ETA
Company management 15%
Contract system 85%
Reputation 0%
Mission summary 0%
Main menu 40%
Options menu 50%
Rebindable controls 25%
Mod Support Status ETA
XML boat save format 100%
XML part data (stats/cost/etc) 100%
External part mesh support 0% 0.5
External texture support 0% 0.5
External sound support 0% 0.5
Contract mods 50%

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