Improvents and bug fixes

It seems no matter how much bug testing you do, bugs always seem to hide in places you miss.  And…

Heldric release date – April 17th 2014

Astral Byte is happy to announce that Heldric – The legend of the shoemaker will release on Steam April 17th….

Stay awhile and listen, or better yet watch.

First with the unpleasantly It’s no small secret that most people don’t like lawyers or accountants. Beside the ludicrous fees…

Heldric has been Greenlit

Thanks to all of your support and votes Heldric has been Greenlit by Steam. While we didn’t meet our projected…

Beware of those with experience

Beware of those with experience Experience can be a hard teacher but can make you a powerful person. Now monsters…

The end is near for 2013

First, we hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and is ready to celebrate the end of 2013. Heldric has…

It’s alive, now get to work.

Heldric’s world continues to improve with the latest updates.  Villagers will now seem more alive with new animations and work…

Big bada boom, black powder and kegs equal explosive fun

Big bada boom What does every movie or video game need to be really good? Well explosions of course! This…

Sometimes that’s all you get out of life, great shoes.

After months of Alpha Heldric – The legend of the shoemaker has been in alpha testing for months now. We…

What happens when the hero dies alone? Is this the end for an indie game?

We begin this journey with Heldric, a humble shoemaker, who has begun an epic quest to conquer Steam Greenlight. In…

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