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Suggestions for the game

Postby Duzgar » Sat Feb 13, 2016 6:57 am

Dear Developer,

I like the idea of the game and having the ability to explore the ocean and everything within. The following are just some suggestions and ideas I have they are a very simple overview of the ideas I have for this game and so on.

Disclaimer: These are on a paper ideas, I don't know if they even are possible to be made into the game.
#1- I would like to maybe see a big water life, (i.e having fish and water monsters and so on and big whales and sharks and so on under water) of course the fish/monsters get bigger/stronger if you go deeper and lower to the ocean as the sun light doesn't reach anymore and such.

#2- Maybe cities/towns under water? Maybe like having under water bases that the sub can attach to and accept contracts from NPC's within that area and maybe shops to sell/buy things they can obtain throw mining/salvaging and such. And maybe even cities to explore like Atlantis and other ancient under water cities.

#3- Have a 2/or more faction sides (or country based) where once the player starts he will need to choose for which faction/side he will be working and each faction/country/side has a zone of their own they control or part of the map where people can go there to get specific things or just for kill contracts to kill enemy subs and bases.
> To add extra to the faction/side idea it would also be neat that (assuming the game wont be multiplayer) there are leaders for each faction/side and you can become a rebel and if you manage to take out that factions/sides leader or king you can become their leader/king and lead the army and so on.
If it where to be multiplayer this would still work as players could group up (by creating parties/guilds) and attack a faction base and kill its leader and one of the players can choose to become the leader (though once they become leader they only become leader and control the NPC for that faction/side for that specific zone/base they defeated the leader within) this so they don't control the hole faction/side and ruin the game for other people and maybe they have a limited time on being on the leader role and then it will reset and such.

#4- Having the subs and some stuff realistic as if you go too deep under water without proper gear on your sub it would explore from the pressure or just collapse, or if someone drives their sub into a rock/wall depending on the amount of speed/power they put into pushing it towards that it would damage based on that as like simple scratches to the point of like parts of the sub being broken and being filled with water and maybe an engine exploding and it would be slower and so on. (of course the bases as I explained on #2 would be safe zones and non-damage taken zones).

#5- From the gif's on the post it shows that there is a gripping mode it would be nice to maybe have an ability to turn the grip mode off so people can be even more creative with on how to build their sub and such.

#6- Ship customization (i.e as in light color, skins, and maybe like custom parts throw DLC's or something like that). As well as different sizes of subs as they can purchase the blueprint of (or find it) and then can use the needed things to build it.

#7- From what I can see on the gifs it would also be nice to have a preview mode on the building mode as I can see its in a grid box area which is fine and totally good but maybe a preview button to show how it would look under water and like to text the lights on and off to see how it would look and if it works as the player wants.

These are mostly some of the current Ideas I have, I will eventually update this forum post with more things if I have more suggestions and ideas about the game but for now that is all, I hope the development of it goes well and to see it live :)

Thank you.
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